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Procure Leads and nurture them to the full extent with OKAY's Pre-Sales and Appointment Scheduling Services

Obtain qualified leads and never miss a customer appointment

Convert maximum leads

Best-in-class Appointment Setting and Pre-sales Services

How can you have a Seamless Business Growth?

Lead generation and conversion of leads may be an alternating process however, it each of these two are equally difficult at their own levels.

A large amount of data has to be acquired and managed in order to constantly get qualified leads for your business on a regular basis. On the other hand, to convert these leads into new customers you have to make sure that a prospective appointment is properly schedule so that you can have a productive dialogue with your customers.

Call center service providers like us have several expertise up our sleeves to make sure that you not only have quality leads in your bucket but also a maximum conversion into future customers.


OKAY ensures all the data collected about potential customer base through lead generation is completely accurate and precise. Pre-Sales techniques adopted by our outsourcing team provides a specific set of tasks that accounts for qualifying, bidding on, winning, and renewing a deal.

Unlike cold-calling services, pre-sales methods focus on the grabbing the maximum and the most relevant customers to avail your product or services through several campaigns which acquires a direct communication method with the customer to gather curated information.

Some of the pre-sale’s techniques like SMS ore Mobile marketing provided by OKAY offers a proposition to the customers through short and crisp information. Direct Mailing and E-mail marketing are some other tactics used to elicit a customer response thereby filtering out their specific and basic information and requirements.

Appointment Scheduling

Businesses often throw in appointment responsibilities to the sales team who basically is good at generating leads, however, nurturing potential customers in the form of a direct interaction and dialogue is a must if you are looking to pursue you lead. Call-Centre outsourcing providers like OKAY play a crucial role in increasing conversion rates for your company by helping you seal the deals. We not only fix appointments with your clients as per schedule and show up on time but also make sure that they feel that there is adequate space and time for a follow up, therefore, conducting a seamless lead nurturing process. OKAY’s appointment setting services will make sure that your customers have an amazing experience, therefore, making you the go to business provider in the market.

What makes us unique?

24/7 appointment scheduling

Seamless extension of your teams & processes

Lean approach & best practices

Attention to detail

Perks of opting for our Appointment Setting and Pre-Sales Services

  • Zero appointment cancellations

  • Non-stop customer nurturing

  • Precise targetting

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