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Never Let Back Office Data distort your operational workflow

Opt for effective Data managment, entry and processing with OKAY's Back Office Transaction Services

Tailored and Customized Back Office Services that suits your buisness needs

Advanced Back-Office outsourcing Vendor

Give a chance to an outsourced Back-Office service and experience a smooth flowing workflow

Outsourcing is not only cost effective but also a brilliant way to increase efficiency of your internal management so that you have all the time and resources you need to surge ahead of your competitors.

'Organize the mountain of data using OKAY’s BPO services'

There is huge amount of data accumulation that needs sorting and compilation to allow room for smooth business functioning. This data is unlike the one which is directly needed to solve customer issues and is overt. However, if proper records are not maintained and data not entered in time, it can create huge repercussions on your business. Many enterprises prioritize customer satisfaction over organizational well-being; however, a well-maintained machinery is extremely crucial to assort the data that accumulates on a daily basis from several transactional process such as billing, processing, fulfillment, collections etc.

OKAY is well-suited to empower your business using powerful Back Office BPO services so that you can deliver excellence in your field of the market. Some of the Back-office processes provided by OKAY are-

  • Check, Credit, and Debit Card Processing
  • Collections and Receivables
  • Direct and In-direct Procurement
  • Transportation Administration
  • Logistics and Dispatch
  • Warehouse Management

It is time that you strengthen your Back-office Administration without having to Hire or Fire recruits rapidly. Our experts at OKAY will ensure that you have a strong Outsourced Back office support which is a long-term cost-effective investment for your company considering how your man-power and financial resources are directed towards achieving company objectives instead of sorting Back Office data.

Furthermore, OKAY is equipped with the latest and all-relevant technologies and software so that your work is done accurately and in time.As one of the best outsourcing vendors in the country, we aim to release you from the notion of expensive in-house management and introduce you to the world of service outsourcing so that you can scale and ramp up your business and workforce at any time and any day.

Considering to modernize, upgrade your business and tower your sales growth with a cost-effective solution and zero responsibility? Don’t wait on it and talk to us!

Benefits you can reap with our Back Office Services

  • Smooth operational workflow

  • Automated managment

  • Optimized resources

  • Faster customer base expansion